Evergreen Tennis is open to the public, and Visitors are welcome.

Visitor Drop-In Fees

Social tennis Doubles activities $20 for 90 min.

Greatest Hits running doubles hit session $16 for 60 min


Visitor Pay-to-Play Court Fees, dividable by 2-4 players

60 min:         $32/court     =$8 @ doubles or $16 @ singles

90 min:         $48/court     =$12 @ doubles or $24 @ singles

Court fees are by the court, minimum 2 players, maximum 4 players. 

All players please check in at the clubhouse before entering the courts.

Visitors may schedule 24 hour advance or same-day court sessions 360-557-7230 or in person, subject to availability, at regular Pay-to-Play court fees.

Be sure to ask for First time Free for your first time here.

If you want 2 day advance reservation privileges, or you are taking lessons, we suggest a Regular Membership with low annual fee and pay-to-play for all court fees, lessons and activities.  If you are an avid player, we suggest an Advantage Membership offering the most privileges.