I. Membership Classifications

II. Membership Account Policies

III. General Policies

IV. Courts

V. Programs & Activities

VI. Children Policies

VII. Conduct Policy



A.1. Online account to manage tennis activities, reserve court time, register for group lessons.

A.2. Annual registration fee of $50 for Regular Adults, $36 for Regular Juniors.

A.3. 2-day advance tennis court reservations online or front desk for adults, at front desk for juniors.

A.4. Court reservations at pay-to-play prices, activities at current prices.

A.5. Online registration for group tennis lessons, prepaid when registered.


B.1. Online account to manage tennis activities, reserve court time, register for group lessons.

B.2. Membership fee pre-paid annual or monthly (see current prices), plus one-time enrollment fee.

B.3. 5-day advance tennis court reservations online or front desk.

B.4. One court reservation per day included in membership; additional sessions at current prices.  The one advance court reservation would apply to a court reservation, an adult social activity, a USTA or league match, but not a lesson.

B.5. Social tennis activities included in membership.

B.6 Activities with a pro may be discounted for Advantage Members.

B.7. Play-on privileges allowed for members when court is available following session.

B.8 One free 30 minute lesson with Pro is allowed with Advantage Membership.

B.9. Guest fee applies to the first visit for a guest of an Advantage Member. See section below.

B.10 Any membership changes, holds, or termination must be submitted in writing to the front desk by the 25th of the month to take effect on the 1st of the following month.

B.11 Monthly charges occur on the 1st of the month.

B.12 Memberships: Advantage Adult, Advantage Junior, Advantage Daytime, Advantage Family.

B.13 Advantage Daytime includes all advantage privileges from 9AM – 3 PM.

B.14 Advantage Family is for maximum of 2 adults and all children residing at same address. Children under 14 must be accompanied by parent/adult on court or receive prior management approval.


C.1. Reservation for courts must be made in person or by phone at the front desk on the day of

reservation. Payment at time of reservation.

C.2. Registration for drop-in activities can be made in person at front desk or over the phone subject to availability and pay-to-play pricing.

C.3. Required to sign liability waivers prior to using courts or participating in any tennis program.

C.4. Non-members are generally referred to as “Visitors.” All of the above applies to “Guests” as well.

C.5. “Guests” and “Visitors” may receive a discounted “guest fee” instead of regular pricing for their first visit. Thereafter, guests will be subject to Visitor and regular pay-to-play pricing.


D.1. Please contact us for more information about this membership. Corporate memberships could be established for companies who will promote membership to their employees by structuring special programs for their employees.


E.1. Juniors – Defined as those between 4-18 years of age. May also include those aged 19-21 with student or military ID.

E.2. Adults – Defined as those over 19 years of age and older.



A.1. Regular and Advantage Members will receive an online account to manage tennis court

reservations, group lessons, and other activities.

A.2 The online account is used by Evergreen Tennis to track lesson progress, match opponents, and meet member needs to the best of our ability.

A.3 The online account tracks member charges and payments. Financial data is private and credit card numbers are hidden from lookup.

A.4. Online account information is private and is never shared outside of Evergreen Tennis.


B.1. Members will be required to have a debit or credit card on file to pay for their tennis activities at the time of reservation or at time of service.

B.2. Non-Members will be required to pay for tennis activities at the time of registration or at time of service at the front desk in person.


C.1. Those members that have not paid their annual fees for membership will have their accounts suspended until such fees have been paid.


D.1. Members are generally not allowed to prepay online accounts or “load” an account with

credit to use in the future. Credits may accrue from refunds and may be applied to future charges.


E.1. Refunds in the form of an account credit for programs are allowed only in the event that a member has unintentionally enrolled in the wrong program based on mismatched skills.

E.2. Refunds for annual member fees will only be allowed in the event that a member moves out of the vicinity. A pro-rata refund will be calculated.

E.3. Refunds are allowed for programs scheduled when the player has incurred an injury preventing use of the tennis facility. Membership refund does not apply but membership may be extended for the period of injury preventing use of the tennis facility, with doctor’s note provided.


F.1. A membership may be canceled by management at any time due to violation of any rules and regulations, misuse of privileges, or any conduct which, in the opinion of the management, is detrimental to the welfare, good order and character of Evergreen Tennis or its membership.

F.2. Any member, non-member or guest of a member found maliciously or willingly destroying or abusing the facilities of the club or exhibiting any inappropriate behavior will be subject to immediate expulsion without refund of registration fees. In addition, the member shall be liable to the club for all damages resulting from such actions.

F.3. Termination of a member by the club does not relieve the member of any charges or fees incurred prior to the date of termination and said outstanding balance will be due immediately.


G.1. Fees are subject to adjustment at any time as determined by management. A minimum notice of one month for any upcoming adjustments will be sent to members by way of the e-newsletters or announcements.


A. Membership Verification and Check In

A.1. Each member’s picture may be taken and stored with the online member profile for verification of member identity at time of check-in.

A.2. Members without a stored picture may provide alternate picture identification for check-in.

A.3. Check-in at front desk is required for court assignment, payment, and attendance purposes.

A.4. Guests and visitors are required to check in at the front desk.

C. Restrooms

C.1. Restrooms are for all Evergreen Tennis patrons and playing visitors.

C.2. Children over the age of 5 are not allowed in the opposite gender restroom.

C.3. Evergreen Tennis provides a Women’s restroom, Men’s restroom and ADA/Family restroom.

D. Attire & Shoes

D.1. All tennis players are expected to wear appropriate attire during their court time activities. Evergreen Tennis suggests comfortable exercise wear, shorts or tennis skort, no offensive t-shirts.

D.2. Only non-marking shoes (court shoes) are allowed on the tennis courts. Footwear not permitted include, but are not limited to: sandals, flip-flops, slippers, boots, heels, dress shoes.

E. Lost & Found and Valuables

E.1. Evergreen Tennis is not be responsible for lost, stolen or damaged articles inside or outside the premises.

E.2. Lost & Found items will be kept near the front desk for one month and then donated to charity. Please claim lost items in person at the front desk.

F. Smoking

F.1. Evergreen Tennis does not allow smoking inside any facilities.

G. Visitor and Spectator Policy

G.1. Evergreen Tennis welcomes visitors and spectators, who must check in at the front desk.

G.2. Visitors and spectators are expected to exercise good judgment when watching matches in play. No coaching from the sidelines, heckling, shouting, line calls, or misbehavior along these lines will be tolerated. Visitors and spectators exhibiting this sort of behavior will be asked to leave immediately.

G.3. Parents are expected to refrain from making comments or coaching from the sidelines during classes and/or matches.

H. Special Events

H.1. Special events occur from time to time and may have priority over space and time of regularly scheduled activities.

H.2. Special events include, but are not limited to: Tournaments, USTA League matches, USTA Jr. Team Tennis matches

H.3. Social events may include alcohol sale.

I. Video & Photography

I.1. Evergreen Tennis may video, photograph or otherwise record any activities on Evergreen Tennis premises (excluding restrooms).

1.2 Evergreen Tennis regularly videos the court activity to ensure players are checking in, to see if courts are available, and to monitor player activity.

I.3. Evergreen Tennis owns all video, images and recorded materials it produces itself on Evergreen Tennis premises.

I.4. Evergreen Tennis reserves the right to use any video, images and recorded materials for promotional or other purposes.

J. Solicitation/Distribution

J.1. No literature other than posted by Evergreen Tennis may be distributed nor any solicitation made on the premises without the consent of the Evergreen Tennis management.

J.2. The bulletin board and electronic displays are available for member use only with Evergreen Tennis approval.

K. Liability Release, Waiver, Indemnity and Promise not to sue

K.1. In consideration for your use of the facilities and equipment provided by Evergreen Tennis L.L.C., you agree to all of the following:

    1. You are agreeing on behalf of yourself, your heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns and agree that Evergreen Tennis L.L.C., its insurers, employees, officers, directors, members, and associates shall not be liable for any damages arising from personal injuries, including death, sustained by you or your guests in or about the premises as a result of the use of the facilities or equipment regardless of whether such injuries result in whole or part of the negligence of Evergreen Tennis L.L.C., you agree not to sue for such damages, and you agree to hold harmless releasee and indemnify Evergreen Tennis L.L.C. for such damages.
    2. You agree that you are voluntarily engaging in physical exercise and/or physical activity at the premises and you do so at your own risk. This includes, without limitation, your use of the tennis courts, locker rooms, parking areas, and any equipment in the facility.
    3. You agree that you assume all risk of injury to you or the contraction of any illness or medical condition that may result, or any damages, loss, or theft of any personal property.
    4. This Liability Release, Waiver, Indemnity, and Promise Not to Sue includes injuries that may occur as a result of your use of any equipment or facilities which may malfunction or break, improper maintenance of any equipment or facilities by Evergreen Tennis L.L.C., Evergreen Tennis L.L.C.’s negligent instruction or supervision, and you slipping and falling while in the facility or the premises.
    5. You agree to comply with all rules and policies imposed regarding the use of the facilities and equipment as may be in place from time to time.
    6. You agree to be solely responsible for the safety and wellbeing of yourself, your children or legal guardians, and any guests.

L. Evergreen Tennis Hours of Operation

L.1. Hours may vary. See current hours of operation. Court sessions may begin as early as 6:00 am and may end as late as 10:30 pm.

A.2. Peak time hours may be identified by Evergreen Tennis. Peak time typically includes after school 3:30 – 9:30 pm, and Saturdays.

A.3. The facility may have limited hours or be closed from time to time on holidays or other occasions. The following days are identified as holidays for Evergreen Tennis with anticipated limited hours: Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day.

A.4. Maintenance Closures: Evergreen Tennis may be closed periodically to perform necessary maintenance, repair and remodeling.

A.5 Evergreen Tennis may, at its option, close the premises to all tennis patrons a maximum of 21 days per year without a deduction to his or her annual membership fee.


A. Court Rentals

A.1. Evergreen Tennis members may reserve courts in advance based on their membership status

(5 day advance Advantage Member or 2 day advance Regular Member by logging into their online account and selecting an available court.  Regular Junior members may make a reservation at the front desk.

A.2. Bookings are instantaneous and will be considered permanent within 48 hours of the reserved court time. Members must have a credit card on file to make online court reservations.

A.3. Courts are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A.4. Court reservations require a minimum of 2 named players. Reservations with an un-named Visitor or Guest may only be made at the front desk.

A.5. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy for all reserved courts. Court(s) canceled less than 48 hours from the reserved time may be charged a $20 cancellation fee.  Private lessons canceled less than 48 hours may be charged a $20 fee.

A.6. “No-shows” will not be refunded the already paid court fee and may be charged the full court fee.  No-show private lessons may be charged the full lesson fee. Excessive cancellation or no-show may also result in loss of reservation privileges for 48 hours.

A.7. “Walk-on” or “drop in” opportunities for those interested in playing without purchasing a membership will be allowed to do so at the front desk only on the day of activity.

A.8. Tennis courts reserved as a “Doubles Court” can only have a maximum of four (4) players on court at a time.

A.9. Players are responsible for providing their own tennis balls and are only allowed a maximum of two (2) tennis cans or six (6) balls per court.

A.10. Courts are available for 60 or 90 minute sessions online or at the front desk.

A.11.  Junior members may only reserve 60 minute sessions during prime time.

A.12.  A 30 minute reservation may be made by calling the front desk to look for gaps in the schedule.

B. Contract Court

B.1. Contract Court, also known as Permanent Court time or Standing Court time is a standing reservation intended for a regular group of players that contracts the same session each week and wants the convenience of not having to schedule a reservation.

B.2. Contract may be shared with 2 to 8 named players, with 4 maximum play at a time.

B.3. A limited number of contract courts are available during off-peak hours, see the front desk.

B.4. Contract usually runs for 32 weeks and price is divided among players. Regular Members pay their full share, Advantage Members pay 20% of their share (an 80% discount) because they have prepaid for court time with Advantage Membership.


A. Group Lessons requirements

A.1. Membership, Regular or Advantage, allows for discounted group lessons at Evergreen Tennis. The member account is used to track progress in lessons.

A.2. Certain group lessons may be limited to an age range or skill level. See the front desk or a Pro to discuss an appropriate class.

A.3. Group lessons are typically limited to 6 per court for adult classes.

A.4. Juniors group lessons are typically limited to 6 per court, but may occasionally enroll more than that for special accommodation. Kids Quickstart using the mini-nets may enroll up to 12 per court.

A.2. Group lessons are available via online registration for members.

B. Group Lessons

B.1. Group lessons must be paid in advance to reserve a spot in the class.

B.2. Evergreen Tennis has the right to cancel any group lesson due to low enrollment. In such case, registration fees will be refunded.

B.3. Evergreen Tennis has the right to alter or vary a group due to challenge in skill level, scheduling conflicts, and/or court allocations.

B.4. Evergreen Tennis has the right to move players to different classes if there are challenges within the curriculum of the class or program.

B.5. Late Registration is allowed on a space-available basis and class fee(s) will be prorated appropriately.

B.6. Make-up classes may be allowed when an absence is called in at least 24 hours ahead of time and a make-up is rescheduled for another time in the same session month, subject to availability. At any time, this policy may change due to high demand and scheduling requirements.

B.7. Classes canceled by Evergreen Tennis for weather or other unforseen events will be credited back to players.

B.8. Drop In participation is not available for classes with full registrations in order to avoid potential over enrollment.

B.9. Class Change – Schedule changes must be secured within the first week of each session; changes can only be made on a space available basis. No schedule change(s) will be allowed after the first week and credit only (no refunds) will be issued in the case of a class drop. With the exception of injury (doctor’s note required) or move out of town, no refunds will be issued.

B.10. Level Policy – Evergreen Tennis expects participants to use their best judgment when signing up for lessons and classes with specified NTRP ratings. Evergreen Tennis entrusts registrants to place themselves in the appropriately rated class(es) as proper placement is crucial to maintain continuity for players within a class or program. The Evergreen Tennis Instructional Staff reserves the right to make appropriate placement adjustments as they see fit anytime during the course of classes.

C. Private Lessons

C.1. Private lessons must be scheduled through Evergreen Tennis instructional staff only.

C.2. Payment for private lessons will reserve the lesson. Lessons are unreserved unless paid at the front desk.

C.3. Private lessons are booked individually or can be customized for small groups up to 6 people.

C.4. Any private lesson cancellation(s) must be done at least 48 hours in advance or may receive a $20 cancellation fee.

C.5. “No-shows” and same-day cancellations may be charged the full lesson fee.

C.6. If you need assistance finding a teaching pro, please contact the Evergreen Tennis office to

arrange for an assessment and placement.

D. Ball Machine

D.1. Ball machine is available for use on a first-come, first-serve basis.

D.2. Ball machine reservation is available for 30 or 60 minute sessions. Ball machine is not available during peak times or juniors lessons.

D.3. Ball machine rental fees are for the machine. Any court fees for non-Advantage Members will also apply.

D.4. Ball machine use is prohibited for children under 14 years old, unless otherwise cleared with Evergreen Tennis Staff.

D.5. If for any reason the ball machine is out of operation, members with ball machine reservation will be notified. If the ball machine becomes un-operational during a reservation, member will be credited.

E. Junior Program

E.1. Junior players are defined as children between the ages of 4 and 18 (up to 21 with student or military ID).

E.2. See current offerings and prices at front desk or at website.

E.3. The Junior Program may be changed by staff to best suit membership needs. Junior group lessons use age as a guideline to group students:

  • Kids Quickstart beginner – ages 5-7
  • EasyStart beginner – ages 8-10
  • Student beginner to intermediate – ages 9-14
  • Teen beginner – ages 13-18
  • Competitor – pro approval
  • High Performance – pro approval

F. Adult Program

F.1. Adults players are defined as those over 18 in age.

F.2. See current offerings and prices at front desk or at website.

F.3. The Adult Program may be changed by staff to best suit membership needs. Adult group programs may include lessons, drills, and clinics for all level of players.

F.4. Social tennis activities are typically co-ed and may include Doubles Day, Doubles Night, and Greatest Hits (self-fed drills). Social tennis activities are included in Advantage Membership. Non-Advantage players pay an activity fee that covers administration and court fees.

F.5. Skills and instructional classes utilizing a Pro require a fee to all players to cover the Pro compensation. Non-Advantage players will incur a higher fee to cover the court fees.

G. Adult Activities

G.1. Adult Activities typically do not require advance sign-up, but may be limited in space and therefore advance sign up is encouraged.

G.2. Adult Activity fees apply to Regular Members and Visitors to include facilitation and court time.

G.3. Social tennis activities are included in Advantage Membership. Fees apply to Regular Members.

G.4.  Social activities are included toward the one daily advance reservation allowed to Advantage Members.

H. In-House League

H.1. Evergreen Tennis In-House League is a 12-week season that creates matches, providing a variety of opponents for competitive matches for our members.

H.2. Any League fees are for administration, not court time. Court session pay-to-play fees apply separately to Regular members (court time is included for Advantage Members).

I. Tournaments and USTA Leagues

I.1. Tournaments and USTA matches may be held from time to time at Evergreen Tennis .

I.2. Schedules for tournaments will be announced approximately one month in advance of the event.

I.3. Court times for rentals and lessons may not be available during tournament time unless otherwise indicated on the online reservation system.

I.4. All USTA or tournament players must register and check in prior to participating in the event; members can check in as usual.

I.5. USTA and Tournament players will be allowed full access to Evergreen Tennis facilities during their allotted time.

I.6.  USTA or Tournament play is included toward the one daily advance reservation allowed to Advantage Members.


A. Security Policy

A.1. Parent/Guardians are responsible for checking in their child(ren) at the time of arrival regardless if parent/guardian chooses to stay or leave during the child(ren)’s tennis activities.

A.2. Children 7 years and younger are not permitted to be unaccompanied by a parent or guardian other than during a registered program, class or lesson. Evergreen Tennis may require an adult stay on-site or accompany children under 7 and any child on an as-needed basis.

A.3. Children between the ages of 8 to13 may remain on premises without an adult for up to

fifteen (15) minutes prior to and after child(s) registered class time.

A.4. Children 14 years and older are permitted at Evergreen Tennis unaccompanied by an adult.

A.5. Evergreen Tennis will not be held responsible for negligence of parents or guardians of any child or children who are left unattended at Evergreen Tennis as stipulated in the rules of this policy.

A.6. Any child engaging in disruptive behavior, theft or causing harm to others may be immediately removed from Evergreen Tennis premises. Evergreen Tennis reserves the right to document, report and/or permanently prohibit said child or children from entry onto Evergreen Tennis grounds in the future.

B. Well-Child Policy

B.1. For the protection of other children and staff as well as your own child, please exercise best judgment and do not bring ill or sick children to the facility to prevent the spread of disease to other participants and staff members.

B.2. Management and instructional personnel reserve the right to refuse participation of any child in a group or private lesson on any given day if exhibiting signs of illness.

B.3. For our purposes, we define “ill” or “illness” as a child who has:

  • Currently has or has had a fever within a 24 hour period
  • Diarrhea or nausea
  • Discharge from eyes, or profuse nasal discharge
  • A contagious disease (pink eye, or a rash of any sort)
  • A constant or persistent cough

C. Behavior/Discipline

C.1. Children are expected to exercise good behavior on and off the court at all times.

C.2. Children that are disrespectful and/or are disruptive to their classes, classmates, instructors or any staff members(s) will have one phone call placed to his/her parent/guardians to discuss the matter.

C.3. Children that continue to violate Section C.2. may be removed permanently from the Evergreen Tennis system and not be permitted to return or re-enroll in classes.

C.4. Children that have been removed from the Evergreen Tennis system will not be eligible for a refund of class fees or paid membership fee.

D. Personal Items

D.1.Parents/Guardians are asked to please label all belongings such as racquets, bags, clothing, water bottles and backpacks. This helps to cut down on the incidence of misplaced items.

D.2. Children are required to bring a water bottle to all classes as programs will take necessary water breaks in between activities.

D.3. Snacks and food are not allowed on the tennis courts but are allowed in the clubhouse.

E. School Use of Facility

E.1. Schools entered into an agreement for usage of Evergreen Tennis facilities will be bound by the language of this policy.

E.2. All players, coaches and personnel of said school will conform to the rules of conduct stated in this policy and will treat the facility and its members and staff accordingly.


A. On-Court Policies

A.1. Good sportsmanship should be observed at all times.

A.2. Players or visitors should not enter the court prior to their reserved time slot and/or until players on the court have had a chance to finish their point.

A.3. On-court players should relinquish their court when their reserved time slot ends.

A.4. Appropriate tennis attire is required on court (no jeans, vulgar t-shirts, etc.).

A.5. Proper court or tennis shoes are required on court.

A.6. Sandals, flip-flops, slippers, boots, dress, skate & casual shoes are not permitted.

A.7. Profanity or inappropriate conduct will not be tolerated.

B. Infractions

B.1. Infractions may include, but not limited to the following:

B.1.a) Profanity

B.1.b) Littering

B.1.c) Minor disrespect towards staff, members and/or guests

B.1.d) Infraction of a policy.

B.2. Consequences

B.2.a) A verbal warning and explanation of the rules will be given.

B.2.b) The incident will be logged.

C. Violations

C.1. Violations may include, but not limited to the following:

C.1.a) Defiance – unwilling to correct behavior when asked.

C.1.b) Repeated Infractions as described above.

C.1.c) Disrespect, bullying or harassment towards staff, members and/or guests.

C.1.d) Abuse of equipment such as, but not limited to, smashing racquet, abuse of nets or posts, abuse of tennis teaching aids.

C.2) Consequences

C.2.a) Offenders may be removed from activity immediately without warning.

C.2.b) If offender is under 18, parents/guardians will be immediately notified by phone.

C.2.c) A suspension may be issued for the individual’s membership, remaining pre-registered lessons or classes may be canceled.

C.2.d) Non-members or visitors may not be allowed to re-enter Evergreen Tennis in the future.

C.2.e) The incident will be logged.

D. Egregious Behavior

D.1. Egregious Behavior may include, but not limited to the following:

D.1.a) Assisting or leading an unauthorized entry on the premises.

D.1.b) Vandalism of any kind to Evergreen Tennis real or personal property.

D.1.c) Violence such as assault/fight, threats, etc… (physical or verbal)

D.1.d) Sexual abuse, molestation, or sexual harassment

D.1.d) Any act which necessitates intervention by law enforcement

D.2. Consequences:

D.2.a) Local police will be called.

D.2.b) Staff person will be present to assist and give a statement to responding officers.

D.2.c) Membership will be terminated immediately.

D.2.d) The incident will be logged.

E. Appeal Process

E.1. Any member or non-member may submit a written appeal to the Evergreen Tennis office.

E.2. Evergreen Tennis management will review each submission and respond in writing.