Membership Info


Evergreen Tennis offers different levels of membership:  Regular Membership and Advantage Memberships.  Select and purchase memberships for you and your family online or at the front desk that meet your individual needs. For example, you may purchase an Advantage Adult Membership for yourself and a Regular Junior Membership for your child.

  • Click on REGULAR MEMBERSHIP for players just starting out and students taking lessons.  Regular Members join for a low annual fee and pay-to-play for all court sessions.  Regular members receive a 15% discount on lessons and activities.  Regular Members receive 2-day advance reservation privileges through an online account or the front desk.  Regular Members may also register for group lessons online.
  • Click on ADVANTAGE MEMBERSHIP for frequent players, singles players, and those who enjoy 5-day advance reservations.  Advantage members pay a fixed monthly or annual price which includes daily court sessions, includes recreational weekly tennis activities, and Greatest Hits cardio Tennis.  Advantage members receive a 15% discount on lessons.  See the current schedule for Adult Activities.  Advantage Members receive 5-day advance reservation privileges through an online account or the front desk.
  • VISITORS and non-members are welcome.  First time visitors can check us out and enjoy an hour of court time or a Greatest Hits class for free.  Evergreen Tennis encourages visitors to participate in activities, classes and court time.  Visitors may schedule same-day court sessions over the phone or in person, subject to availability, at regular pay-to-play fees.  Visitors may drop in to Adult Activities subject to availability.  If you play frequently or want lessons, a membership is right for you.  Membership is required for an online account, advance reservation, lessons discounts or leagues.

JOIN Please come in for a tour, talk to our knowledgeable membership staff, call us for information at 360-557-7230 and read about our membership options.  Players may join at the front desk or join online, just click  JOIN NOW to get started online.


Evergreen Tennis is committed to great service for our members. We offer online court and lesson reservations for members’ convenience. Whether you are just starting or returning to tennis, group or private lessons will help you get your groove. Our weekly drop-in classes work on specific techniques and help you get into tennis shape. Social tennis activities provide opportunities to meet and mix with other players. In-house league play offers weekly competitive matches for all seasons of the year. Come in and play!


  • Court Reservation – Courts may be reserved for 60 or 90 minute sessions with 2 to 4 players.  Advantage Members may reserve one session per day included in membership; additional sessions may be purchased at pay-to-play prices.  The one advance reservation applies to court reservation, recreational activities, USTA or league matches, but not to lessons.  Regular Members and Visitors pay-to-play for court sessions.  See current schedule as daily hours may vary.
  • Cancellation – Reserved court time must be canceled 48 hours in advance to avoid any consequences.  Cancellation made between 48 and 0 hours in advance may result in cancellation fee of $20, which may be charged to players.  A no-show without cancellation may result in the full court fee or private lesson fee and may also result in loss of reservation privileges for 48 hours.
  • See complete Policies for additional details.