When is Evergreen Tennis opening?  The Evergreen Tennis clubhouse is completed including reception, restrooms and lounge.  Construction of the indoor courts facility occurs in summer and will open for business Fall 2014!  Sign up through “Contact Us” and on our Facebook page for notification of development and events happening.

How do I become a Member?  A limited number of Memberships will be available.  We will take advance requests for Membership.  Please use the “Contact Us” link to receive information.

What is Advantage Membership? Advantage Membership is for our most avid players.  It includes unrestricted peak and off-peak daily reservations.

  • Advantage Members play for a fixed annual price, and receive the best pricing for frequent play.
  • Advantage Members typically want to play more 2 or more times per week, and play both singles and doubles.
  • Advantage Member on-line accounts allow scheduling and reservations with a 5-day advance court reservation privilege. There is no limit to the weekly, monthly or annual privileges. If the court is available in the 5-day reservation window, an Advantage member can reserve a session for every day that they want to play.
  • Advantage Members have unlimited “play on” privileges. If a court is available following your reserved session, you can play on until the next reservation arrives.

What is Basic Membership? Basic Membership is for occasional players and participants in lessons or in-house leagues.

  • Basic Members incur a low annual fee and pay-to-play pricing for all court sessions and activities.
  • Basic Members on-line accounts allow scheduling and reservations with a 2-day advance court reservation window.

Do I have to be a Member?  Evergreen Tennis allows Visitors to play at Evergreen Tennis at pay-to-play pricing. Visitors may phone in or drop in same day for court sessions and activities.  However, in most cases you will want at minimum a Basic membership to receive an on-line account for advance scheduling and reservations.  Basic Membership is required for lessons or in-house leagues so we can track your lesson and skills progress, assign USTA ratings, plan activities, and match you with other players and opponents to better serve your individual needs and progress.

How do I get into my online account?  New Members receive an email inviting them to complete their account information online and create a username and password.  Please visit the front desk if you need assistance.

Is Evergreen Tennis a private business?  Yes, Evergreen Tennis is privately owned and operated.